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Maryland Fans Obviously Still Smarting After Ugly Temple Defeat

Otherwise, there is really no way to explain why a large chunk of Terrapins faithful would be predicting the Terps struggle, or worse yet outright lose, against Towson today in College Park. Sure, Towson is 3-0 to start the year but they are a 1-AA, sorry FCS, school and Maryland should win this game handily.

You might be asking where the heck I am getting this notion that Terps fans are down on the team. Well, Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post's Terrapins Insider included a poll in his Maryland versus Towson prediction thread, and the current results are after the jump:


Sure, only 299 votes have been cast when I garbbed this screencap, but I'm still very surprised to see almost 40 percent of votes picking Towson to win. Randy Edsall, you have a bitter fanbase on the verge of mutiny. I strongly urge you to run the Tigers right out of the building, preferably in the first half.