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Towson Vs. Maryland Score Update: Maryland Holds Tenuous 7-3 Lead At Half

As the second quarter started, the Towson Tigers marched right down the field on a 16-play, 66 yard drive that ended in a 23-yard field goal to put the score to 7-3, Maryland. Towson sent running back Dominique Booker on five consecutive carries to try and punch the ball in the endzone, but he was stuffed five consecutive times by the Terps defense. The Tigers got the field goal and were able to milk 9:00 minutes off the clock in a single drive, however.

The Maryland Terrapins struggled to move the ball on their next possession, punting after just six plays to give the ball back to Towson. Once again, Towson began another long drive on the ground milking seconds off the clock rush after rush. Towson went on a 17-play drive that saw Maryland incapable of stopping the run, only to have Towson miss a 24-yard field goal as time expired to head into the half.

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