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Andrew Gonnella Injury: Senior Lineman Will Miss Rest Of Season With 'Serious Knee Injury'

Anyone who saw how Andrew Gonnella was taken off the field on Saturday and the care that was being taken to make sure his leg was stable had to know that the prognosis wasn't going to be good, but now we have confirmation. According to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, Andrew Gonnella will miss the rest of the Season with a "serious knee injury" and will undergo surgery.

Gonnella, who was injured in the fourth quarter of a 21-16 loss to Georgia Tech, is expected to return to Maryland Monday. While Edsall would not offer any extensive description of the injury, safety Eric Franklin said after the game that he was told bone broke through Gonnella's skin.

Gonnella was the only senior on the Terps offensive line and one of their Captains. He will most likely be replaced by Pete White, a former four-star recruit who is in his Sophomore season. He will be asked to fill some pretty big shoes.