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Clemson Vs. Maryland: Randy Edsall Still Won't Announce Terps' Starting Quarterback

Coach Randy Edsall pulled his starting quarterback Danny O'Brien in the second quarter of Maryland's last game against Georgia Tech and went with the backup, C.J. Brown. Brown didn't look great, but he did provide a spark, and now we have no idea who is going to be the Terps starting QB for the rest of the year, let alone in their next game against Clemson this weekend. He met with reporters on Tuesday, but he doesn't seem willing to divulge any information, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

"We're just going to evaluate the quarterback position just like we do every other position," Maryland coach Randy Edsall said Tuesday. "Come Saturday night we'll make a determination of who's going to be our quarterback this week. You play the guy that you think gives you the best opportunity to win."

I think some of that has to be Edsall trying to play games with Clemson, and using any misdirection advantage he can. Force the Tigers to prepare for two totally different quarterbacks. But Edsall has to realize that this isn't just like every other position, like he claims. QB is the most important position on the field and needs more practice time than any other. I have to imagine that Edsall is giving one of the two more practice time, otherwise we could be in for a long game on Saturday.