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Midnight Madness 2011: Maryland Basketball Starts Season With Blasts From Past

Legendary Maryland coach Lefty Driesell is credited with creating Midnight Madness, even though it originally started as a way to get the team as much practice time as possible. But now it is a pretty big event, and the Maryland basketball team will celebrate on Friday.

The Madness starts at 9:30 in College Park at the Comcast Center, with Comcast SportsNet beginning coverage at 10:30. The big draw is that 80 percent of the national championship team from 2002 will be in the building to celebrate. Lonny Baxter will be the only person missing from that starting lineup. Whether or not they'll suit up in the alumni game is anyone's guess. Considering that it wasn't that long ago and some of these guys are still in the NBA, I wouldn't be surprised to see them throw up some jump shots.

It will also be interesting to see how Mark Turgeon chooses to handle the entrance. It will be his first real introduction to the Maryland crowd, and he will have to choose whether to execute an extravagant entrance like his predecessor had a habit of doing.

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