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Midnight Madness: Gary Williams Attends Maryland Madness

It’s the first time since fall of 1989 that Gary Williams will not be on the bench for the Terps. Gary, however, was in College Park on Friday night to support new coach Mark Turgeon and his former players as they kick off the 2011-12 season at Maryland Madness.

Williams spoke to the press, and articulated how difficult it was to be away from the sidelines this time of year.

Via Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker:

Gary Williams said this is the time of year he misses hoops — the preseason teaching time. He wore a jacket and tie and was not sweating.

Williams said he planned to see the players from the legendary 2002 team and then he would take off for the evening. The attendance of the National Champion 2002 team already made this an extra special Maryland Madness, but Williams showing up in his first season away fromm the bench added to the excitement of the evening.