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Clemson Vs. Maryland: C.J. Brown Will Start For Terrapins At Quarterback

It's been over a week since Danny O'Brien was benched in favor of C.J. Brown in the second quarter of the Terrapins loss to Georgia Tech, and in those 168 hours no one bothered to tell us which one of those two would be starting for the Terps when they hosted Clemson on homecoming on Saturday. Well now the game is underway and you have your answer, C.J. Brown is starting for the Terps.

As we've covered this week, Brown offers a more mobile option than O'Brien, which should be a much better fit for Gary Crowton's offense. His throwing arm is the major question mark, but on his first drive he has looked a lot better than he did all of last week. I know, small sample size, but any positive result is encouraging.

I wouldn't be surprised to see O'Brien enter the game on some packages when Crowton wants to give Clemson a different look, but for right now, it seems the C.J. Brown era has begun.