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Clemson Vs. Maryland Score Update: C.J. Brown Looks Impressive, Terrapins lead 28-10

Remember when I said earlier that the Terps were winning this game and it didn't have very much to do with C.J. Brown? Well, that was on their first two touchdowns. The last two have come as a result of long drives that Brown had major roles in. The more he is getting comfortable, the more impressive the new starting quarterback seems to look. He really doesn't want to give this job back to Danny O'Brien.

Brown punctuated the last drive with a 21-yard touchdown run that showed off the exact type of athleticism that makes him a great fit for this offense. Brown has completed seven of his 12 passing attempts for 67 yards and a touchdown, but it's his running that should really get Maryland fans excited. he already has 70 yards on just seven attempts and that last touchdown. This is by far the best Maryland has looked so far this year, you have to think that some of that is energy that Brown is helping infuse.

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