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Clemson Vs. Maryland Score Update: Maryland Leads 35-17 In Third Quarter

Alright folks, the man-crush is on in full effect. It is now OK to start getting excited about C.J. Brown. it was a pretty gutsy move by Randy Edsall to start him in this game, but it appears as if they knew what they were doing.He has the Terps offense clicking and the defense is doing enough to give Maryland a 35-17 lead over a very good Clemson team.

Brown already has over 100 yards rushing and is averaging over 10 yards per attempt. He hasn't been too bad throwing the ball either, capping off the last long drive with a 22-yard touchdown pass to Matt Furstenburg. It was a screen, so the tight end did most of the work, but I'm not looking for reasons to temper my excitement about Brown. Terps have really shown up for this game so far.

We'll be following the lead-up to this game in this StoryStream. For more on the Terps, head on over to Testudo Times, and for a view from behind enemy lines, try Shakin' the Southland.