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Clemson Vs. Maryland Score Update: Terrapins Now Trail 49-45 After Touchdown Pass, Clemson Return Touchdown

The Terrapins got exactly what they needs on that drive, a touchdown and plenty of time for the defense to rest. C.J. Brown took the Terps down the field and hooked up with Matt Furstenburg for their second touchdown of the game (on an identical play) to give the Terps a 45-42 lead.

Maryland hasn't shown any ability to stop Clemson in the second half, so maybe the rest they got on that drive will breathe some life into them. They were playing very effectively early on, it will be nice if they can get back to that.

.........And check that. As I'm writing this Clemson return man Sammy Watkins takes the kickoff back 82 yards for a Clemson touchdown. His third all-purpose touchdown of the day. More rest for the defense, I guess.

We'll be following the lead-up to this game in this StoryStream. For more on the Terps, head on over to Testudo Times, and for a view from behind enemy lines, try Shakin' the Southland.