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Clemson Vs. Maryland: Randy Edsall, Players React Following 56-45 Loss

COLLEGE PARK, Md - The Maryland Terrapins just lost a hear-breaking game to the Clemson Tigers. They had an 18-point lead very early in the third quarter and even forced a stop on Clemson's next possession. But it was all downhill from there. Clemson scored on every other possession in the second half except when they basically took a knee) and Maryland couldn't find the rhythm that they had in the first half. Here is some reaction from Coach Edsall and the players.

Randy Edsall

Coach Edsall was extremely guarded after this game and refused to directly answer almost every question that was asked of him. When asked about the performances of any individual player he would response only with "I need to see the tape." When asked about the performance of the team as a whole in any form he would put together some form of the words "consistency" and "play for 60 minutes." He used the term "tough one" at least three times. Not a lot of information from the Coach on this one.

C.J Brown

On when he found out that he was starting: Me and Danny both prepared as if we were going to be the starter. We found out during pre-game warmups what Coach Edsall decided to do.

On his running: I'm tired. Being my first start, I was excited.I had the nerves, I had the energy. It felt good to get out there and show what I can do. It just stinks that we came up short.Top-10 team in the Country coming into our house, in Byrd. Great atmosphere. The guys left it all on the line, just unfortunate that we couldn't come through in the end.

Joe Vellano

On the game-wining kick return by Sammy Watkins: Our defense was like, step up now. Whatever happened, happened, but we didn't really even get a shot at it with that kickoff return. So we were kind of, obviously, mad about that. It was a tough one all around, I thought we hung in there.