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Maryland Vs. Florida State: C.J. Brown Officially Listed As Starting Quarterback On Terps' Depth Chart

The Maryland Terrapins head down the East Coast this weekend for a matchup with Conference rival Florida St. C.J. Brown is listed as the starting quarterback.

The Maryland Terrapins come out with their depth chart every Tuesday, and this most recent edition comes with some big news, even if it isn't much of a surprise. The depth chart is for the Terps' next game against the Florida State Seminoles on Saturday, and it lists C.J. Brown as the starting quarterback with Danny O'Brien as his backup. When the quarterback battle was still up in the air, they were listed as "C.J. Brown OR Danny O'Brien." The "OR" is gone and Brown is the starter. Some other developments;

  • Kevin Dorsey is not listed in the depth chart, meaning that the injury he suffered on Saturday (that we don't know anything about) is serious enough to keep him out of this game. It is somewhat surprising that freshman Marcus Leak and not senior Ronnie Tyler is the starter in his place. As a matter of fact, Tyler isn't listed at all. Add another to the list of freshman starters. Speaking of which...
  • There are still three freshman listed as starting linebackers; Mario Rowson, Lorne Goree and Alex Twine. Darin Drakeford and Kenny Tate are listed as backups at the WILL and STAR positions respectively. 
  • D.J. Adams is still nowhere to be found in the running back depth chart. I'm not sure what he did to offend Randy Edsall, but it seems to have worked. 
  • There are only four seniors listed as starters, two on each side of the ball. This is a very, very young team.

This week provides the third difficult matchup in a row for the Terps as they have to travel to Florida St. to take on the Seminoles, who were ranked in the top five at some point this season. Even if they have fallen out of that range, they are still a much more talented and deep team than the Terps.

We'll have coverage of this game throughout the week in this StoryStream, but for more on the Terps head over to Testudo Times. For more on the Seminoles check out Tomahawk Nation.