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With C.J. Brown Starting, What Is Danny O'Brien's Future With Maryland?

Back in the spring when Randy Edsall was getting his first looks at his new team, he went out of his way to compliment C.J. Brown and said that there would be competition between he and Danny O'Brien. I don't think anyone took him seriously considering the season that O'Brien just had.

But now, just a few weeks into the season, Brown has overtaken O'Brien as the starting quarterback, which leaves O'Brien's future a little bit in doubt. If C.J. Brown holds on to the starting job through the rest of the season in beyond, what does that mean for O'Brien?

According to Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post, that future might be somewhere else and it could be sooner than we might expect. Normally when a player transfers to another FBS school they have to sit our for a year, which would mean O'Brien would have just one year of eligibility left once he is able to play because he already used up his red-shirt.

But O'Brien is expected to graduate this spring, so he can transfer to another school, join the graduate program, and play right away. So if O'Brien was thinking about transferring, and one has to assume that he was, the obstacle of having to sit out for a year wouldn't even be a consideration. You have to think that makes the decision pretty easy.

As a Maryland fan, this is kind of sad. I know the Terps can only put one quarterback under center, but I felt like O'Brien grew up as a Terp last year. I know his place might not be on this year's squad because of Brown and I understand why they chose Brown over him, but it will sting a little bit to see him succeed elsewhere. Based on what we know about his work ethic, I'm confident that he will.