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Maryland Vs. Florida State: Five Questions With A Florida State Expert

To get ready for the Terps' matchup with the Florida State Seminoles this weekend, we asked the lead blogger at SB Nation's Seminoles blog Tomahawk Nation for a little insight into the opponent.

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In the third of three tough games in a row, the Maryland Terrapins will head down to Tallahassee this weekend for a game with Florida State. Don't let the lack of a ranking fool you: the Seminoles were ranked in the top five before some injuries hit them hard, and they are as talented as any team the Terps will face this year. For a little perspective on the enemy *ahem* opponent, we asked Bud Eilliott, the lead blogger at SB Nation's Tomahawk Nation, for a little perspective.

SB Nation D.C.: C.J Brown is getting his second start for the Terps in this game and is coming off an impressive performance against Clemson (on the ground anyway). Do you see his mobile style being an issue for the Seminoles?

Bud Elliott: If it's not, Maryland will have a long day because he's not a great thrower. Unlike Clemson, FSU has the advantage of knowing that Brown will be the starter, and because of that extra practice time, FSU shouldn't be as unprepared as Clemson was.

SB Nation D.C.:What are the area of concerns for the Florida State team? If the Terps are going to have some success against the Seminoles, which phase of the game do you think it might come in?

Bud Elliott: Injuries, and the unproven player replacing the five injured starters are the major concern going into this contest. FSU's starting offensive line features a different player at every position than it did on opening day. Normally, I'd expect FSU to dominate Maryland up front. But this line is still unproven.

SB Nation D.C.: On the flip side, where is the strength of the Florida State team this year? Where can the Terps expect to have the most trouble?

Bud Elliott: Florida State's strength is undoubtedly its defense. The 'Noles have a deep and talented defensive line, featuring two All-ACC types in ends Bjoern Werner and Brandon Jenkins. Maryland's offensive line hasn't been anything special and it hasn't seen anything close to FSU up front.
SB Nation D.C.: Do you think the difference in athleticism and experience between the two sides will be as much of an issue for the Terps as I see it being? Seriously, I'm having nightmares.

Bud Elliott: FSU is a very young team as well after the injuries, so I don't see experience being an issue. But the talent disparity is significant, and I'd rather have a young team at home than on the road. How will Brown react when the Maryland game plan is not a total shock to the defense as it was against Clemson? Will he panic? How does he react to being blown up? Can he play from behind?

SB Nation D.C.: Finally, what's your pick for this game? How do you see it playing out?

Bud Elliott: I think FSU will get a few stops against Maryland early on, allowing the 'Noles to build a lead against the young Maryland defense. Maryland will counter and have some success, but Brown's inexperience on the road against the best front FSU had had since the dynasty days will prove to be too much while playing from behind. I'll say FSU 38-14

Thanks again to Bud for taking part. For more on the Terps, visit Testudo Times. For more on Florida State, visit Tomahawk Nation and SB Nation Tampa Bay.