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Maryland Vs. Florida State Score Update: Terps Making It Very Easy On Seminoles, Trail 14-0 In First Quarter

And here I was thinking Florida State's first drive was easy. After the Terps stalled out on their opening drive, they punted the ball and pinned the Seminoles on their own ten-yard line. That was good. The resulting defense was not. Florida State ripped off big chunks of yards as they marched easily down the field and put another touchdown on the board. They now lead 14-0.

The theme of this drive, much like the first, was missed tackles. Maryland has a lot of youth on their defense and mistakes are to be expected, but they are making way too many here to be successful. Off the top of my head I can think of four plays, including the 26-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Shaw, where the Seminoles where able to get some more yardage because the Terps failed to bring down the ball-carrier. Buckle up people, by the looks of this, this could get ugly very quickly.

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