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ANIMATED: C.J. Brown Gets Leveled By Nigel Bradham

Warning: this animated GIF is cringe-worthy. This is the play that knocked Maryland football quarterback C.J. Brown out of the game against Florida State. Brown was trying to make a run before he was lit up by Nigel Bradham on a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit. Danny O'Brien has replaced him for Maryland.

Obviously, the first concern for all of us is Brown's health. He looked very woozy and dazed coming off the field. After that, though, we must ask ourselves if this was a dirty hit. In Bradham's defense, it looked like Brown started to slide after he made his move for the tackle. On the other hand, look at the impact of this hit. Brown could have gotten even more seriously injured than what ended up happening.

GIF is via @bubbaprog.


(click to play)

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