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Maryland Vs. Florida State Score Update: Danny O'Brien Rushing Touchdown Closes Gap To 24-10

We knew that the Maryland quarterback would be running a lot in this game, we just thought it would be C.J. Brown. After Brown's injury took him out of the game, Danny O'Brien came in, organized a long drive, and capped it off with a 5-yard touchdown run to close the gap to 24-10.

The big play on that drive was a completion from Danny O'Brien to Quintin McCree that went for 70 yards on a third and five. McCree went over the top of one of Florida State's best players in Greg Reid, pulled it down, and ran as far as he could before getting caught from behind. After nearly fumbling the ball on the next play but managing to recover, the Terps were in the endzone shortly thereafter. They gave up a huge kick return on the next kickoff, but if they can get a stop and another touchdown right now, things could get interesting.

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