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Boston College Vs. Maryland Score Update: BC Leads 21-3 After Three Quarters

For the few remaining fans watching the Maryland Terrapins take on the Boston College Eagles, at least the third quarter featured a small piece of comic relief. The Terps, trailing the Eagles 21-3, attempted a field goal midway through the quarter, only for the ball to bounce off the crossbar and net the Terps no points.

Boston College continues to dominate the game by running the ball. Coming into the game, BC was not only statistically the worst team in the ACC, they were one of the worst in the country. Barring an incredible comeback, Boston College should leave the Terps with the distinction of being the ACC's worst team.

The most telling statistic for the Terps, amid a sea of ugly statistics, is a third down conversion rate of 17 percent. The offense looks inept while the defense looks outclassed. That's not a good combination

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