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Maryland Vs. Boston College: Reaction From Randy Edsall, Players Following 28-17 Loss

COLLEGE PARK, MD - The Maryland Terrapins just lost their sixth game of the season, putting them right on the brink of falling out of bowl eligibility. It was a new low for the offense, which was only able to muster three points until there were about six minutes left in the game. On defense the Terps just couldn't stop the run, and Boston College was able to put up about 370 yards on the ground. It was a tough game in all phases, including the weather, and the coach and players reacted accordingly afterward.

Randy Edsall:

Obviously it didn't turn out the way that we want it to today, so we'll just make sure that we look at the film and watch the film and see where we can get better. Get back to work tomorrow and improve and correct mistakes that we had today.

This was the extent of Edsall's comments throughout the day, for the most part. That he would have to look at more film before he could really say anything about any individual play, player or aspect of the game. He was asked about Danny O'Brien as the starter, his frustration level, the play of D.J. Adams and Adrian Coxson, the run defense, tackling and hearing boos, just to name a few. he responded to nearly every question with some variance of, "I'll have to look at the film.

Eric Franklin:

On what BC did to be effective on the ground:

They were a little bit bigger than us, and that advantage started to wear on us a little bit.

On the weather:

I think the weather actually helped, on the defensive side of the ball. The ball was slippery and that actually allowed us to create a few turnovers that way.

Joe Vellano

On the losing streak effecting morale:

A little bit, but I've been here with that team in '09, and that's the worst thing ever. It's not the morale, sometimes you practice like you play. So we gotta straighten some things in practice out and carry it over.

Danny O'Brien:

On if the losing streak is starting to effect morale:

A little bit, I mean, nobody likes losing. It never gets easier, and it sucks to lose consecutive games. At the end of the day the leaders of this team are going to have to really pull the guys up that are down because when you lose it just magnifies everything; mistakes that you make are much bigger.  Showing up late to thing is that much more important. Winning cures all those things, so we realize the only way to kind of stop it is to get a win.

On if he did enough today to be the starter moving forward.

I would like to think so, but that's not something that I'm going to worry about. That's kind of the coach's job. I'm sure they will put us in the best situation possible.

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