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PHOTOS: Andrew Gonnella As Hulk Hogan And Other Maryland Football Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween, which means we get to enjoy athletes in costumes. Fun! Our first set of costumes are from Maryland football team players, thanks to defensive tackle A.J. Francis, who put pictures up on his Twitter account. There are a bunch of solid ones here, including Francis' own costume.

My personal favorite, though, is Andrew Gonnella as Hulk Hogan. Photos of all below the jump.


There's Francis himself. Not bad, A.J.


There's Matt Furstenberg. Also not bad.


And there's Gonnella as Hulk Hogan. Simple, yet perfect. Well done, Andrew.

Also, someone dressed up as Danny O'Brien for Halloween (but not O'Brien himself). Did anyone dress up as C.J. Brown? I didn't think so. Start DOB.