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Randy Edsall Era Reportedly Already Features One Disgruntled Player

Boy, it didn't take long for one of the Maryland football players to object to Randy Edsall's "I'm changing the culture without admitting I'm changing the culture" approach. Via Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post:

One veteran Maryland player, who spoke to a Post reporter privately about his feelings about Edsall, expressed some displeasure with Edsall’s strict approach, saying that the coach has stifled individuality and created a militaristic atmosphere around the Gossett Team House. The player, who spoke anonymously so he could talk freely, said he would keep his spirits up because he had just three more months before he left the program.

The player who spoke did so anonymously, and he also did so off to the side, so let's be careful not to read too much into it. Nevertheless, considering many Terps fans would argue that the program really didn't need a "culture" overhaul after Ralph Friedgen was fired, this seems at least somewhat significant.