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More Maryland Football Players Seem Uneasy With Randy Edsall

We already noted one report of a Maryland football player expressing some discontent with Randy Edsall's supposed "miitaristic" way of running the football program. Now, there's another. Via Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, who wrote a great story on the matter on Wednesday.

One prominent veteran player said privately that Edsall's strict style doesn't allow individuals to be themselves and that he's looking forward to the season's end. Another veteran player has sought advice about dealing with Edsall from Friedgen, who was dismissed in December with one year remaining on his contract.

Barker also quotes a former Terps receiver who speaks to the players regularly. There are two ways of looking at all of this. One is that these things are inevitable when you go from a coach like Ralph Friedgen, who was more lax, to a coach like Edsall. Another is that the program under Friedgen wasn't really that broken, so a culture change is a waste of time. 

Here's the third way of looking at it: the team is struggling and people aren't pulling rank. Seems like that's mostly what this is about.