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NCAA Conference Realignment: TCU Will Reportedly Join Big 12

The conference realignment wheel keeps spinning. TCU was scheduled to join the Big East Conference starting next summer, but with all the upheaval in that conference, they will reportedly join the Big 12 instead. Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports has the report:

TCU has been invited to join the Big 12 Conference and will accept the offer for the 2012-13 school year, college football industry sources told

Multiple TCU sources told "it's a done deal."

This is a huge blow for the Big East, which was already hurting after the departures of Pitt and Syracuse. This might just spell doom for the one time proud conference, at least as we once knew it. This was pretty much a no-brainer move for TCU, who must have been disappointed at the state of the Big East and fearful of it's future.

It'll be interesting to see what effect this has on Georgetown, who has pledged its commitment to the Big East.

We'll have more on this move and every resulting move in this StoryStream.