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Conference Realignment: Navy Receives Call From Big East After TCU's Departure To Big 12

TCU's decision to bolt the Big East for the Big 12 has many implications on conference realignment all across the country. One such case involves Navy, who has been in discussions to join the Big East, but has not jumped yet because it is hoping the conference stabilizes itself. After the latest news of TCU leaving, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk said he received a call from the Big East about its membership.

Via Gene Wang of the Washington Post:

"As I said from the beginning, our position remains comfortable as an independent," Gladchuk said. "We’ve had discussions with the Big East about possible membership. There is no timetable or sense of urgency on our part. We asked the Big East to stabilize. Obviously this is a step back for them."

Gladchuk also said that the Big East has "got to figure out how to right the ship." Sounds like we'll have to wait on Navy possibly joining the conference.