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ACC Expansion Could Prevent Maryland From Playing In BB&T Classic

The ACC is expanding; it has already added Pitt and Syracuse and there are constantly rumors of even more realignment. The Conference is adding more big name programs and that means increased visibility. That's the good news.

The bad news is that with a bigger conference comes a larger conference schedule, and that may mean having to ditch some of the programs traditional non-conference games. According to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, Maryland may not be able to play in the BB&T Classic if the Conference schedule expands.

“The only thing I’m concerned of, and I don’t want to sound negative, is we’re probably going to go to an 18-game league schedule and then you want to be a part of an exempt tournament and then you’re part of the Big Ten/ACC deal,” Turgeon said. “You really have to look hard at it. I’d love to stay in it and help, but it’s got to be what’s best for Maryland basketball in the end.”

The issue is that if the ACC adds two more conference games, including one on the road, it would take away from the total amount of home games the program would have the ability to schedule. Those, of course, are the ones that make money for the department. So instead of playing in a tournament like the BB&T that is on a neutral court, the program may opt to play another game at home instead to generate more revenue.