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Maryland Vs. Georgia Tech: Yellow Jackets Lead 14-3 Behind Strong Ground Attack

After three weeks of very poor first half performances, the Maryland Terrapins have come out of the gate a little bit better against Georgia Tech. Unfortunately it may not be enough to topple the powerful and explosive Yellow Jackets. The Terps have looked better on defense than they have recently, but they still trail 14-3 with just about nine minutes left in the second quarter.

A long punt return by Georgia Tech enabled them to start their drive at the Maryland 30 yard line. You can't expect to be successful when you give a team with this kind of offense starting field position like that.

The Terps had a very impressive drive in the first quarter, but on their other two efforts have gone three and out rather quickly. On their fourth drive, Danny O'Brien threw just threw a rather ugly interception, giving Georgia Tech roughly the same field position they exploited so successfully on their last drive.

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