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Maryland Vs. Georgia Tech: Danny O'Brien Benched In Favor Of C.J. Brown

Danny O'Brien has had a miserable start in today's game against Georgia Tech, and midway through the second quarter coach Randy Edsall has moved him to the bench in favor of the backup C.J. Brown. It's important to note that Brown played one series against Towson before garbage time, so it is possible that Brown is just in for a change of pace.

O'Brien started the game 1-6 with an interception, hardly what was expected of the talented red-shirt sophomore. Brown offers a very different look because he has the ability to move the ball with his legs, something O'Brien lacks. Some have argued that because of this he is a little bit better fit for Gary Crowton's offense.

It will be interesting to see if this is a change that has been made for the rest of the game, or if Edsall just wants to put a different look in there. And if it is a change for the rest of the game, what does that mean for the Terps moving forward? Edsall has always said that there is no quarterback controversy and that O'Brien is his guy. We'll have to see if that changes after this one.

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