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Andrew Gonnella Injury: Senior Offensive Lineman Leaves Georgia Tech Game With Leg Injury

The Terrapins are still in this game, inexplicably, but they need to get some offense going to make it happen. That just got a lot harder because the Terps have lost Andrew Gonnella, the lone senior on their offensive line, to an injury that required him to be carted off in an ambulance. The trainers are tending to Gonnella's leg, and the TV crew deemed the injury gruesome enough that they refrained from even showing a replay of it. This isn't just an injury for the rest of this game, Gonnella might be done for the year if the injury is as bad as it seems.

Maryland will have to try finishing off this comeback without their most experienced and probably best offensive lineman. We'll have much more on this injury as we learn more.

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