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Maryland Football Players Speak Out About Disgruntled Maryland Football Players

It should come as no surprise that some Maryland football players don't seem to be too happy with new coach Randy Edsall. It should also come as no surprise that some of those players have spoken out. In addition, it should come as no surprise that the players speaking out aren't doing so with their name attached, and the ones who are speaking out with their name attached are ones who support Edsall's ways.

Nevertheless, this is all noteworthy, and it's all happening in this piece by Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post.

Kicker Nick Ferrara is the one who has Edsall's back the most, giving this provocative statement when asked about the many rumored players that are considering transferring.

"They won’t be a part of what good is going to happen here," Ferrara said. "Simple as that. They don’t want to be here, then see you later. Honestly, I don’t feel any sadness toward that."

Regardless of whether they are standouts or walk-ons?

"I don’t care if they are a starter or the worst person on the team," Ferrara said. "I am agreeing with Edsall. I want the best people here who want to play and want to be here. We don’t need cancers on the team."

This is what happens when a program loses like this. The big question now is this: which players are considering transferring. Soon, we'll know.