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PHOTO: Randy Edsall's Unique State-Flag Jacket

Apologies in advance, because the initial screencap of Randy Edsall's state-flag jacket is very blurry. Then again, perhaps that's for the best. Edsall, in an attempt to mirror Maryland football's unique state flag uniforms, has decided to wear a jacket with the stripes of the Maryland state flag on the sides.

You can only imagine how this one goes. Photos below the jump.



AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

That's ... yeah. I guess you can applaud Edsall's effort to blend in with his team, but that's probably five steps too far what's appropriate fashion. The jury is frankly still out on the state flag uniforms themselves, so why make them seem even more ridiculous by wearing that?

Here I thought that Notre Dame would be the team with embarrassing fashion. Little did I know this was going to happen.

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