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Maryland Vs. Notre Dame: Reaction To Big Loss From Randy Edsall, Players

LANDOVER, MD: Not a lot of things went right for the Maryland Terrapins tonight. They were outplayed when the Irish had the ball, when they had the ball and when one team was punting to the other. This was a complete deconstruction, from start to finish, by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish tonight. And to make matters worse, the Terps lost Danny O'Brien for the rest of the year after breaking a bone in his non-throwing arm. It could not have gone much worse. But don't take my word for it, here are some selected quotes from Randy Edsall and some of the players following the loss.

Randy Edsall:

Coach Edsall has been tight-lipped with the media since he took over at Maryland, but tonight set a new standard. His entire post-game press conference lasted a generous 3:52, and he didn't take very many answers beyond the minium amount of response. No matter the question, no matter the angle, Randy Edsall didn't have a lot to say about it; and I don't blame him.

Demetrius Hartsfield:

On this Nationally televised game Vs. the Miami game

Very frustrating. It's another loss. And to lose the way we did, it's like we just gave up. We didn't fight like we wanted to. We didn't play the same like we did against Miami. It's definitely disappointing.

On how Notre Dame was so effective running the ball

They were just spreading us out and running the ball. Getting the least amount of people in the box and running the ball. That's all they were doing. We just weren't tackling good.

Joe Velano:

On missed tackles

I'm to blame too. I missed a couple of them early in the game, third down plays, they're huge. I'm to blame too. Just overall, stuff like that. No doubt I thought they were good up front. I thought they had real great running backs. Those running backs were good. I got caught a couple times going of after them.

On staying focused on the game

That was tough. We were coming off the sideline, everyone is trying to focus. D-Line, we were all in there. It's tough, when you're getting going, you kind of have the blinders on, D-Line, I thought we battled in there, me and and AJ, I thought we were battling.