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Maryland Vs. Alabama Game Time, TV Schedule And More

The Maryland Terrapins are Puerto Rico right now as they await their matchup with the Alabama Crimson Tide. That game kicks off at 5 pm and can be seen on ESPN2.

This will be a very difficult early season test for the Terrapins, who don't appear to have the talent or depth to run with the Tide. Maryland does not play very many players and the Tide has a lot of talent, including one of the best incoming freshman classes in the Nation. For a closer look at the Tide and how they might exploit this matchup, let's take a look at Testudo Times' preview of the game.

I do think Alabama might be a bit worse than their #15 ranking, unless the NCAA is way worse this year than I had expected. But they're not a good match-up for the Terrapins, with a dominant big man, a slow tempo, and a suffocating defense. Maryland will have to be much more tidy than they were on Sunday to have a real shot at this one, and James Padgett or Ashton Pankey will have to show up with another unexpected performance.

We'll be following this game as well as the Terrapins run through the rest of the tournament (hopefully) in this StoryStream. For more info on the Terps, check out Testudo Times.