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Maryland Vs. Wake Forest: We're One Injury Away From The Tony Logan Era

As we all know by now, the Maryland Terrapins are playing without one of their two starting quarterbacks after Danny O'Brien went down with a season-ending arm injury in the Terps' loss to Notre Dame last week. That means C.J. Brown is the undisputed starter for the first time all season.

But this begs the question: what happens if Brown gets injured too? It's not completely ridiculous to consider this hypothetical, considering how often Brown runs with the ball. What happens then?

Randy Edsall has come up with a creative, if forced, solution to this potential problem.

Maryland Coach Randy Edsall said Thursday in a teleconference with reporters that wide receiver/return man Tony Logan will back up C.J. Brown at quarterback on Saturday against Wake Forest.

This is technically old news, but it's still worth pointing out. Logan was a quarterback in high school ... but that was high school. This is college, and if Brown gets hurt, Logan's probably going to feel a lot of pain when he goes behind center.

Then again, at 2-8, it can't really get much worse, can it?