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Virginia Vs. Maryland: Terps To Wear Red Uniforms, White Pants, White Helmets

The Maryland football team will wear yet another uniform combination when they play in front of Byrd Stadium fans for the final time on Saturday. Coach Randy Edsall announced that the Terps will wear red uniforms, white pants and the turtle shell helmet when they square off against Virginia on Saturday. Here's a picture.


SB Nation's Terps blog Testudo Times is a fan of the look. The Terps debuted the shell helmets earlier this season, and most fans agree they are preferable to the other helmets. This also looks a lot like the old uniforms, rather than the wacky gold/black combinations.

The Terps will have to hope the uniforms will help them out, as they have fallen completely off the map with a 2-6 record. Virginia, meanwhile, is coming off a big win over Miami.

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