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Maryland Football Players May Be Protesting Randy Edsall's Decisions On Twitter

It's entirely possible that the string of tweets by Maryland football players that were noticed by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post have absolutely nothing to do with anything. However, given that they were sent out just as coach Randy Edsall was announcing the suspension of senior wide receiver Ronnie Tyler for his final game of his career (somewhat near his home, no less), there's a good chance these are not a coincidence.

Some of them are hard to decipher, but here are the ones that seem to most directly criticize the Terps' coach.




The top two tweets are by fellow wide receiver Adrian Coxson. The bottom one is by running back Davin Meggett. There are more in Steinberg's piece from Danny O'Brien and Matt Robinson, but those ones seem a little vaguer.

We've read all year that several players have expressed their displeasure at Edsall's style behind the scenes. Perhaps that's now starting to come out in the open.