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David Mackall Says Randy Edsall Didn't Support His Own Players

Maryland football defensive end David Mackall is about to transfer out of the program after being suspended by coach Randy Edsall for a disagreement over an academic issue. He also apparently wasn't all that wild about being a Terp from the beginning. That means you should probably take his quotes to Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun with a grain of salt.

That said, this line does fall in line with the frustrations of many fans during Edsall's 2-10 debut.

"After the Florida State game, he said that we didn't have enough talent, that we didn't have enough players to compete with teams like Florida State and Clemson," Mackall said. "He pretty much lost me because any coach is expected to stick with their soldiers in the middle of battle. I felt like he really wasn't focused on us or the task at hand by that comment."

Mackall also said that players didn't like how Edsall said there was no accountability under former coach Ralph Friedgen. Both of these points are ones made by fans to criticize Edsall, and now, they have been made by a player on the team. Sure, it was a player on the team who is now occupying the role of a disgruntled employee, but it's still a player on the team.

Meanwhile, John Feinstein made his opinions on Edsall very clear in a Sunday Washington Post column. If you're into columnists who spit fire, you'll be into this piece.