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Pe'Shon Howard Injury Update: Maryland PG Not Expected Back For 12 Weeks

When Pe'Shon Howard first broke his foot, the estimated date of his return was some time between 10 and 12 weeks. Now, with a few weeks to collect data and a new MRI, the guard isn't expected to come back in any less than 12 weeks, according to Liz Clarke of the Washington Post.

It has been an emotional preseason for the Terps, who lost their starting point guard, Pe’Shon Howard, last week to a broken foot. Turgeon said Thursday that a recent MRI suggested Howard will miss 12 weeks, the maximum initially forecast. That would delay his return until the Jan. 25 game against Duke, five games into the ACC season.

Howard was resy to be the starting point guard for the Terps, and his absence will hinder their offense in a number of ways.First, they will be without their primary ballhandler and playmaker, and secondly, they will now have to put their best scorer (Terrell Stoglin) in that role. With Howard in the lineup, the rest of it just kind of slides into place. Without him, Mark Turgeon and the staff have a lot of work to do.