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Maurice Hampton Says Things Randy Edsall Probably Likes To Hear

To say it's been a rough transition for new Maryland football coach Randy Edsall would be an understatement. His Terps are 2-6, he's been called out for several clumsy public statements, his fanbase is either apathetic or angry and many of his players have not taken all that well to his strict ways. On the bright side, it sounds like one of his outgoing seniors has gone to bat for him in a big way.

Defensive tackle Maurice Hampton wasn't talking about Edsall specifically, but he still gave a pretty strong statement in favor of the coaches to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times.

"I know that sounds funny dealing with everything, but I don’t think it’s ridiculous," defensive tackle Maurice Hampton said. "Guys are just having trouble buying in. Stop trying to tell grown men - coaches - what you think is better. It’s been like that every year I’ve been here. You have some younger guy coming in and saying ‘I don’t like this scheme they’re running.’ Who are you?"

Not that it really matters to the bottom line, but it's got to be nice for Edsall to hear some strong public support for him instead of grumbling about his ways.