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Virginia Vs. Maryland Score Update: Perry Jones Touchdown Gives Cavaliers Quick 7-0 Lead

Well, that didn't take long. We've only run one play from scrimmage, and the Maryland football team already trails Virginia, 7-0. Star Cavaliers running back Perry Jones took a handoff and danced his way through the Terps' defense for a 47-yard touchdown. Jones cut back inside at the line of scrimmage, cut back outside, shed a couple tacklers and raced into the end zone.

The play was set up by a long kickoff return by the Cavaliers, which has been one of the Terps' many problems this season. The Terps were able to get a long kickoff of their own after the touchdown, but two plays later, wide receiver Quintin McCree dropped a deep pass that would have been a sure touchdown.

In other words, it looks like business as usual early for the Terps.

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