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VIDEO: Nick Faust's 75-Foot Halfcourt Shot Is Part Of Impressive Terps Debut

Granted, it was an exhibition win against an overmatched opponent, but there is encouragement to be found for Terps fans from Friday's 89-84 win over Northwood. Terrell Stoglin led the Terps with 23 points on 18 shots, but the star of the game was freshmen Nick Faust.

Faust dazzled in the first half, including a 75 foot buzzer beater that hit nothing but net. Video highlights, including the shot, are below the jump.

In a column on, Maryland radio commenter Chris Knocke described Faust as "particularly impressive."

"Faust looks like he could be a monster on the wing. He drives, he shoots, he scores, he defends, he rebounds."

With Faust in the game, he controlled Northwood's best player defensively and gave the Terps a deep threat and an attacking presence at the rim. Highlights here.

Combined with play from the big Ukranian Alex Len, and the Terps seemed like a real team, not an ACC squad with only eight scholarship players. Lin will miss the next 10 games from NCAA hogwash, but it will be interesting to see what coach Mark Turgeon makes of this Terps team once he has all of the pieces for 2011 playing.