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Virginia Vs. Maryland Score Update: Kevin Parks Touchdown Gives Virginia 14-13 Lead

Just when it looked like Maryland would seize momentum, Virginia re-took the lead. First, the Terps couldn't punch it in from the goal line and had to settle for a short field goal. On the ensuing drive, Virginia's Michael Rocco found a wide-open Kevin Parks for a 35-yard touchdown to give Virginia a 14-13 lead late in the second quarter.

The Terps put together a nice drive with Danny O'Brien in at quarterback, but Davin Meggett failed to score from the goal line and the Terps settled for a field goal. Then, Virginia marched down the field and eventually scored when Maryland called an all-out blitz and forgot to cover Parks. It was an easy pitch and catch for Rocco, and nobody was within five yards of Parks.

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