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Virginia Vs. Maryland Score Update: Max Millen Touchdown Gives Cavaliers 28-13 Lead

So much for the Terps hanging around. All it took was a couple of drives, and suddenly Virginia has a 28-13 lead with 3:06 in the third quarter. The latest score was a 17-yard touchdown pass from Michael Rocco to Max Millen. Millen caught a ball in the flat and made two Terps defenders miss for the score.

The play happened after Danny O'Brien threw an interception in Cavaliers territory. O'Brien was looking into the flat, but threw right to a Cavaliers player for the pick. Virginia quickly marched down the field and eventually got the touchdown from Rocco to Millen to take a two-score lead. After that pick, O'Brien has put on the headset and C.J. Brown is back in the game at quarterback.

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