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Maryland Students Chanted 'Fire Edsall' Early Vs. Virginia, According To Report

Maryland actually played a good half of football today against the Virginia Cavaliers. Unfortunately it was the first half. 

After intermission, the Terps got outscored by about 100-0 (slight exaggeration) and are about to lose again. None of it bodes well for an apathetic fan base with a very negative view on new coach Randy Edsall. According to Daniel Gallen of the Diamondback, a chant emerged from the student section of  "Fire Randy Edsall" early in the game.


The economics of actually firing Edsall will likely prevent it from occurring, but it is not a good sign that the new coach seems to have alienated the fan base to this degree. Though the site is not operational, somebody somewhere bought the rights to

Better watch your back Randy.