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Jerry Sandusky Investigation: Former Maryland AD Who Interviewed Him Speaks Out

As noted on Sunday, the Maryland football program interviewed Jerry Sandusky to be their head coach in 1991 and 1996. The former assistant is at the center of the Penn State scandal due to allegations that he sexually abused children, and the entire Nittany Lions program, including Joe Paterno, is on trial in the court of public opinion for letting this happen for a decade.

This story has affected so many people and caused many to speak out. You can now add Andy Geiger, the then-Terps' athletic director who could have hired Sandusky in 1991, to that list.

Geiger spoke with Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times and expressed his anger and shock at the whole situation.

"This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen," Geiger said in a telephone interview. "I’m sitting in my living room shaking, I’m so appalled."

Geiger said Sandusky was not close to actually being hired, but even the idea that he was in the running has to be chilling for him. He said more strong things about the investigation, all of which you can read in Fenno's story. It's yet another reminder of how difficult it must be for people who knew Sandusky to digest the allegations.