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Military Bowl 2011: Toledo Prepares For 12th Bowl Game

As the 2011 Military Bowl gets closer the Toledo Rockets are starting to deal with life after coach Tim Beckman. Beckman recently left the program to become the coach at the University of Illinois. Toledo should have some confidence, according to SB Nation's MAC blog the Hustle Belt:

Beckman had an A-plus game plan against Ohio State, which they lost by five points. He did very admirably all season, from a near-loss at Syracuse to a rout of Temple — despite losing several starters on both sides of the ball. Back-to-back eight-win seasons, despite no MAC West division titles, was a dandy of a rebuild job on the fly considering where Toledo was (PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE POINT SHAVING).

The Independent Collegian views this as an unusual foe for someone like Toledo:

The Falcons run a highly-disciplined triple option capable of wearing thin a Toledo defense which has been inconsistent as of late.

 "It's something different that we haven't seen," Molls said. "It's a good thing we have extra weeks to prepare for it. We're excited."

Toledo is 8-3 all-time in bowl games, and the excellent Let's Go Rockets will be covering them as they go for the ninth postseason victory.