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Cody Blue The Latest Maryland Transfer In Randy Edsall's First Offseason

The total transfer count in College Park hit seven on Tuesday night, as it was announced third-year defensive lineman Cody Blue would be leaving the University of Maryland football program. Blue is the seventh player to leave the Terps football program since Randy Edsall's first season ended unceremoniously last month with an eight game losing streak.

Blue was peripheral player, who had moved back and forth from the offensive and defensive sides of the ball in three years at Maryland.  He played in four games this season and notched only five tackles.

Jeff Barker of The Baltimore Sun reported Blue's departure, and spoke with the former Terp at his home.

Via Jeff Barker of The Baltimore Sun:

I had a talk with [athletic director] Kevin Anderson and Coach Edsall. I decided not to come back next year. It's best for me to try my last two years at another university."

Blue indicated his departure did not have anything to do with Maryland of the coaches. But the exodus is alarming, as he joins 6 others who have left already this offseason.

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