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Maryland Will Negotiate Gary Crowton's Departure

After losing several players to transfers and being released from their scholarships this season, the Maryland Terrapins will also be losing offensive coordinator Gary Crowton. According to reports, Maryland became upset at Crowton courting other coaching opportunities as well as the fact that the Terrapins offense under Crowton was completely ineffective.

It could be that Crowton and Maryland will agree to a negotiated buyout under which the school will be responsible for some -- but not all -- of the balance of his three-year contract. He makes a guaranteed $500,000 per year.

If Crowton were found in breach of contract, Maryland would not be responsible for the balance. I don't know if that possibility will enter into the negotiations or not.

According to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, Maryland became unhappy with Crowton when he publicly reached out for the head coaching position at Colorado State.

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