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Maryland Expected To Hire Mike Locksley As New Offensive Coordinator, According To Report

It was announced yesterday that Offensive Coordinator Gary Crowton would not be returning to the team next year. According to various reports, including this one from Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, the University is expected to hire former New Mexico head coach and Maryland assistant Mike Locksley to the same position. 

Maryland is expected to hire former New Mexico coach Mike Locksley as its offensive coordinator, according to a knowledgeable source. Locksley would replace Gary Crowton. The school is negotiating the terms of Crowton's release after one season. Locksley was 2-26 at New Mexico but is known as an aggressive recruiter. He is a former Towson University player and Maryland assistant.

Locksley is famous for two things; He is unarguably the best recruiter of the DMV in the entire Nation, but he also had a drama filled departure from his last job. Locksley has recruited some of the best players in the area to places like Illinois, and kept himself in the race at New Mexico longer than anyone could have imagined. But he also punched an assistant coach during his time there and was finally let go when a recruit was found driving his car while drunk; and claimed that Locksley had given him permission to do so.

Locksley might not be the best gameplan guy as an offensive coordinator, but if he is able to bring in the area's best recruits (and make no mistake that is why he is here) then his addition to the staff will be invaluable.