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Randy Edsall Opens Up About First Year At Maryland, More Details Of Lost Season Revealed

Alright everyone, please go ahead and read Eric Prisbell's story on what happened with the Maryland football program last season. Prisbell reveals some incredible new details and includes coach Randy Edsall's reaction from a three-hour interview with the coach. Then, go ahead and read a full transcript of that interview.

There's a lot there, as you can see. Here are the parts that stand out to me the most. Let's separate the news stuff from the stuff that just makes me laugh.Actual news:

  • Not only were academics an issue, but multiple players failed drug tests.
  • "Multiple players" cursed Edsall to his face.
  • Apparently, the #GSP (Gossett State Penitentiary) hashtag the players have used on Twitter was used in past years.
  • Edsall regretted the way he handled the media, saying he was "too honest." Coordinators will be made available to reporters starting next season; they weren't made available this year.
  • Edsall promised to talk to fans and media more this year to get himself out there and show he's not the guy he's perceived to be.
  • Edsall said he wishes he could have gotten all the parents together.
  • Edsall joked (I think) that he might ban Twitter for the players. But probably not.

Now, the silly stuff.

  • Edsall is asking players to draft each other to a team, and he will dole out points to each team for different accomplishments, academic or athletic.  The players themselves will draft each other based on their perceived ability to get points. No word on a potential reward for the winner.
  • Edsall will have players interview each other in order to get to know each other better. Coaches will interview players, players will interview players and players will interview coaches. Edsall himself will do a different interview each week.
  • Edsall said he "loves" dreadlocks, but asks players to keep them neatly groomed.
  • One parent said players could only come in to Gossett through certain doors. Edsall denied it.
  • Finally: he referred to himself in the third person 10 times, including four times in this two-sentence answer.

I think that anybody that knows Randy Edsall, who has been around Randy Edsall, who has played for Randy Edsall knows that all he is going to do is work to develop these young men so they can be successful when they leave in four or five years. And while they are here, Randy Edsall is going to do everything he can to make them better in the classroom, better on the field and better as people.

Yup, that's the Randy Edsall that everyone who heard Randy Edsall talk and is a fan of the Randy Edsall-led team that Randy Edsall coaches knows.