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Maryland Running Back Jeremiah Wilson Will Transfer To James Madison

There has been a pretty sharp and consistent exodus from the Maryland Football team this Winter as players continue to leave the new coaching staff behind. The tally is now approaching double digits, as reports come in that freshman running back Jeremiah Wilson will transfer to James Madison.

In terms of actual on-field football ramifications, this transfer does not mean a ton. Wilson started off the year getting some significant carries against the likes of Miami, but he was soon passed on the depth chart by Justus Pickett, another freshman. He also started off the year returning kicks, but Pickett usurped that responsibility by the end of the year as well.

But this does point to a larger trend that had become disturbing this offseason. It's possible, however, that Wilson is strictly transferring because of a lack of carries, instead of some sort of irreconcilable differences with the coaching staff; as is to be believed with some of the other transfers this year. But it still means that an increasing number of players would prefer not to be a part of the Maryland football program, and that is not a good thing.